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Mozambique, Maputo, Xaixai, Dingoine

Contemporary Mozambique with its recent history of colonialism, war for independence and civil war quite literally exposes the visitor to its soul in an instant. Rapid post civil war development has led to the description of Maputu as a rural city. The challenges of political, cultural and physical assimilation dominate descriptions of the country. Ironically, the countries much vaunted economic recovery has yet to filter through to the poverty stricken masses. In spite of this, the artist’s networking and research exercises exposed a rich diversity of creative intent. Particularly arresting in Maputu were the ‘street kids’ living cheek by jowl with the sea facing mansions of the rich.The team interacted and filmed with these children much to the chagrin of the local security. These kids will form the basis of collaborative work together with civil society interest groups. The Footsak team then headed north to Manhica to meet the artist Gardnesaia. and his cement sculpture garden. Then north of Xai Xai to the fishing village of Dingoine.The idyllic vista belies daily struggles of the locals for survival.They spend long hours doing backbreaking work gleaning mussels, oysters and crayfish from the ocean. At night reed fire torches punctuate the dark as fishermen and women gather the crayfish that emerge under darkness to feed. With locals Mapunjani, Gabriel and Freddy the team photographed and filmed some of these activities and created a short film scenario with the ball combining the concept of the Footsak project with the lived realities of these folk.