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Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou

We identified 3 local partners: Amadou Sore, probably the best-known and flamboyant supporter of the national team Les Etalons (The Stallions).His soccer cine club in the dusty town-ship where he lives is a central gathering point for the community who come to watch soccer on 8 different screens showing different matches from around the globe. Weekends attract a host of entrepreneurs selling fried chicken, bread and drinks. By day Amadou is a tailor and vender of cloth and material in the busy Sankararie Market where we met Balima a professional comedian and articulate ‘street philosopher’ who provided profound insights into the ethos of life in his country.
The third personality was Sahib Kaonda, Ouga’s self-styled ‘Ambassador of Rubbish’.This amazing metal artist and organic intellectual/philosopher has a vibrant studio on the outskirts of Ouga and his work enjoys pride of place at the Fespaco headquarters.
The artists filmed extensive interviews with all these protagonists in their environments, the rolling Footsak football ball linking one to the other. This triangle of personalities the eccentric football fan, the comedian street philosopher and artist/Ambassador of Rubbish are a heady combination. We filmed a audience with the More Naba, spiritual head of the More people and keen soccer supporter with a museum stuffed with paraphernalia ostensibly the rewards for his powerful wak or magic for floundering soccer fortunes.