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Guy-André Lagesse, visuel artist

Born in Durban,South Africa, in 1954 from Mauritian nationality. Studied at the School of Fine Arts in France and sat on the same benches next to Dada, Sun Ra and Free Jazz, the Marx Brothers, Malcolm de Chazal, the Italian Primitives and Lewis Caroll.

Initiator for the past 15 years of a collaborative process drawing people from the fine arts and grassroot creativity together in exploring new aesthetic forms in places like museums, public space’s, gardens, social centres, art centers…  Many pieces have been co-created with contemporary artists,  excentric pouplar and grass roots artists for the Mari-Mira project, in France , in the Fiji and Mauritian islands and South Africa.
Other art installations have been made with the public as centre to the art work like the Consulted Birthday Zone in Paris, Marseilles… In 2000 he creates and sets up a studio with the art organisation Les Pas Perdus at the Comptoir de la Victorine in the Saint Mauront District of Marseilles.
The district’s reality gives him the occasion to develop with the inhabitants an “art of circumstance”: “Appartment Tuning ”. Actually he is working with the inhabitants around the  notion of regeneration of public space through poetical co-construction. The project called  “The Houses of the Common and the Fancy” is on a five year program and based in the Belle de Mai/Saint Mauront district in Marseilles. The “Garden of Makeshift Wishes” in Bruay la Buissière, France, is an outdoor installation in an old coal mining heritage site, planned for 2011 during the Regional Cultural Capital in the Nord Pas de Calais.