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The Pas Perdus proposes a common ground which puts up front, individual and singular artistic commitments. By making nevertheless the hypothesis that an art exists only filled by the work of others, and that we are never alone in inventing what we make. It is a tribute to the “others” who exist in us, that is, this part coming from others which shapes what we are. It is a question of favouring an energy to share, rather than the production of objects, of intervening in concrete terms and being in the substance of life.
The «Pas Perdus» reconsider popular artistic practices as a condition to contemporary creation. They create a space of recognition and stimulation of creativity between asserted artists and inventors/artists from popular sphere. Through this device, they invent together a singular way of wending through a world where everything seems to be imposed. In the form of tribute, these collaborations become for one another an essential means of questioning their own practice. Every year, in different countries, the «Pas Perdus» reveal new inventors, stemming from urban areas, whose practices’ are totally inscribed in everyday life.
The «Pas Perdus» are engaged in a multidisciplinary field combining high-tech and inspired homegrown practice. They evolve in the reaches of visual arts (installations, video, digital imaging), sound creation (multi-media, electronic musical device), scenography and performance art. On the initiative of Guy-Andre Lagesse together with invited artists, the «Pas Perdus» currently coordinate several artistic actions: international art projects in public space, participative actions, multi-media and publishing programs. The aim of these collective actions are to privilege the innovating and prospective role of Art.

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