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DALA –  Just make it

Dala is an interdisciplinary creative collective that aims to facilitate the production and activation of public space through participatory creative initiatives. It is at once a physical, theoretical and philosophical platform for both local and international creative practitioners.
Conceived by two Durban-based creative minds, Doung Anwar Jahangeer (artist, architect, activist) and Rike Sitas (artist, activist, social scientist), Dala emerged as a response to the growing need for a sustainable space for creative practitioners actively engaging in the production of art / architecture for social change. Based in Durban, Dala acts as a hub for urban initiatives in the pursuit for innovative approaches and collaborations for creating more humane and liveable cities.
Dala aims to work with creative practitioners from a variety of backgrounds – artists, architects, researchers, performers, urban planners, designers and most importantly, the people and organizations that live and work within and around the city.